Thematic Overlays

Height Maps + 3D Meshes

(15th February 2018)


New Category!

(11th February 2018)

Fabric Release

28 New Fabric Materials

(2nd January 2018)

HDRI Spheres

50 New HDR Environments

(3rd December 2018)

Medieval Release

Procedural + Scanned Materials

(14th November 2018)

Ropes & Cables Release

Procedural Materials

(29th October 2018)

Indoor Floors Release

Procedural Materials

(2th October 2018)

The Foliage Release

Scanned leaves, flowers and much more!

(6th September 2018)

The Rock Release

Scans + Procedural Materials + Brushes

(6th of August 2018)

The Great Overhaul

We've completely reworked our PBR Material library

(2nd of July 2018)