By on 14th November 2018


Fabrics Release

Procedural + Scanned Materials

From Bed blankets, all the way to clothing and military equipment. Fabric is always in high-demand, and that’s why we devoted an entire release for it. This Pack features 28 procedural fabric materials, along with 12 scanned leather materials. There's something for everyone!

Highlights of thIS Release

High-Quality Fabrics:


Our fabrics are highly tileable, hold enough detail even for closeups, and are tweak-able. (with the .sbsar files)


Procedural Materials:

  • Flannel:

  • Blanket:

  • Knitted:

  • Cotton, Cashmere, Denim & Italian Leather:

  • Dish Cloth, Carpet & Felt:

  • Camouflage & Muslin:

  • Jute Matting:

  • Tarp:

Paper Towel & Toilet Paper:

Scanned Materials:

A batch of new Scanned Materials has been also added to the website recently. Extremely detailed leather scans, with accurate albedo values and super sharp details:

Community Highlight:

Courtesy of Konstantinos Anninos, comes this update’s artist highlight, a beautiful bedroom environment featuring some of the new fabrics:

Have you created something you want to share with the community? Please post in the comments and we’ll make sure to consider it for the next update!

And finally, this update’s free sample is:



What material set would you like to see added to the site? Let us know in the comments!

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