By on 29th October 2018

Behold… A new category has born!



New Category!


Many months past the Great Overhaul, we keep seeking ways to improve our workflow.

One thing we noticed was how often we use the built-in grunge maps that come with SD.
Adding subtle dirt, smudges or stains is a lot easier when you have a library of noises & patterns to start with. But with time, using the same grunge maps over and over kinda wears out.

All of sudden, we were making our own grunge maps.
But with a detail that makes all the difference: Scale.

And it doesn’t stops here, we’ll be also starting to offer regular overlays/surface imperfections in the website soon, among with the procedural flat maps from the grunge nodes as well. Exciting times!

Highlights of thIS Release

Procedural Grunge Maps for Substance Designer*:

Sick of using the same set of grunge maps that come with Substance Designer?
Enhance your personal library with our brand new batch of Overlay Maps. - Yes, They have a Scale slider :)  Overlay Nodes Overlay Nodes

More than 100 variations for the Flat maps:


This month’s free substance is:

What material set would you like to see added to the site? Let us know in the comments!

*Substance Designer is a third-party app and property of Adobe.