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Royalty-Free Graphic Designs for the masses!


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Have you ever got stuck in a project, looking for that perfect Graphic to fit your high-grade epic environment, but all you could find were copyright-protected images?

This is a common issue, in fact, many users download copyright-protected designs all the time for their projects without even realizing the huge trouble they’re getting into.

Most designs such as Logos, Book/Magazine/CD Covers, and even stickers & decals in today’s world are protected by some kind of copyright; using them without proper permission (which in 99% of the cases is extremely unlikely) can lead to a world of legal hurt.

As the copyright laws get increasingly restrictive every year, creating believable commercial CGI became surprisingly hard for individuals seeking that extra edge in their creations.

This is where we join in:

Royalty-Free Designs for CG Artists


Highlights of thIS Release

Royalty-Free Book & Magazine Covers:

To kick-off the category, we picked a subject highly sought after by archviz artists, Books & Magazines.

No matter if you’re a Children, Teacher or even a Professional Snuggler, most certainly you have a book somewhere in your house; but recreating their content digitally in a faithful way isn’t as fun/fast as we’d hope to.

That’s why we made it for you.

Build your own 3D book store

Build your own 3D book store  Graphic Designs Graphic Designs


Resolutions up to 10k!

Resolutions up to 10k!

Our magazine designs feature complete chronology, with multiple issues over the same brand, publisher icons, barcodes, thematic motifs, front & back cover, and everything else that makes them reaslistic.
If you want to customize the design: we also offer the layered Photoshop PSD files for studio accounts. 


(…) When Life Serves you Lemons

(…) When Life Serves you Lemons

We focused making our books in the most believable way possible, even with proper attention to the stories built into their synopses.

Sometimes they’re sad, while others we glanced a hint of humor as Easter eggs. They’re not just random text and images glued together.

A total of 50 Book/Magazine Covers:


And this is just the start!

Coming next are Stickers & Decals, with over a hundred individual vector elements for your set dressing workflow:

Our end goal is to offer all the tools you need to make better art, and that happens, one texture at time.

Our end goal is to offer all the tools you need to make better art, and that happens, one texture at time.

This month’s free Graphic Design is:

What Graphic Design set would you like to see added to the site? Let us know in the comments!