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Indoor Tiles

Procedural Materials

Tiles are used literally everywhere, from fancy restaurants to community laundry rooms, and... cars? - As a crucial part of every urban environment, we felt entitled to offer the best tiles for creative artists: tweakable, easy to use and made with passion. Meet this month's material pack - Indoor Tiles, the newest addition to the Tcom Library:


A single material can either make or break your scene, it’s actually amazing how fast you can transform a bunch of planes and cylinders into a finished scene with just a couple materials.

In this sample the concept gets clear, the clay render on the left features the exact same lighting conditions and render settings as the image above, but yet look 100% different.

- That’s the magic of PBR.

Highlights of thIS Release

Procedural Tiles:

Make the tiles fit your scene, (not the opposite!) going procedural. Change colors, age, roughness and size on the fly with an intuitive set of parameters.

  • Terracotta Tiles:

Recreate the warmth of a Mediterranean home with our selection of terracotta tiles. They come in a variety of shapes and historical periods.

  • Misc Tiles:

Tiles of varied motifs, from old abandoned places up to Portuguese kitchens, add some flavour to your Archviz/Environment.

  • Marble Tiles:

Give your designs a timeless and elegant appeal with our marble tiles, perfect for classic and luxury environments.

And More!

  • More Affordable than Ever:

We lowered the prices of all procedural-based flat maps - More bang for the buck!


Also, all AO maps are now only 1 credit, no matter the resolution!


  • Free Samples

From now on, every major release will also include a free sample. (With the full .sbsar file!)

This month’s free sample is:


What material set would you like to see added to the site? Let us know in the comments!

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