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We're pretty sure everyone agrees rocks are awesome, with that in mind, we focused our efforts to deliver a complete set of both Scan Based and Procedural Rocks, coupled with an assortment of rock brushes. Meet our newest addition to the library, The Rock Release:


The Rock Release

Scans + Procedural Materials + Brushes

Highlights of thIS Release

Procedural Rocks:

Last month we finished a complete overhaul in the Substance category (now called PBR!), behold our first release using the new parameter structure. -Now you're able to do things like this:

- With a single slider.
Controlling the Erosion with the Age slider.

Controlling the Erosion with the Age slider.

  • Desert Rocks:

Intense heat and dry weather, deserts are always a challange for environment artists due to its beautiful cliffs with intricate patterns. Empower your workflow with two new procedural desert cliffs and a closeup material for sculpted meshes.

  • Jungle Rocks:

Dense vegetation and rivers, rocks are the perfect fit for overgrown environments. With our new jungle rocks and its exposed parameters, you're free to explore and iterate quicker, exporting a material that fits *just right* into your scene.

  • Mountain Rocks:

Turn base meshes quickly into finished rock pieces with our Mountain Rocks, plus a base material for sculpted meshes.

  • Volcanic Rocks:

Solidified magma, volcanic rocks covers about 8% of the earth's current surface, therefore it's highly probable you'll need one at some point. here's a selection of our sedimentary rocks, coupled with a zoomed surface for sculpts.


  • Snow covered Rocks:

An rock pack isn't complete without a snowy variation, so here's both a rock formation with controllable snow density, along with a rocky ground with snow on top to bring life for your craziest medieval stories.

Age changes the snow accumulation here.

Age changes the snow accumulation here.

Create a cliff with just a set of simple meshes. - You dont need to sculpt anything!

Create a cliff with just a set of simple meshes. - You dont need to sculpt anything!

Scanned Rocks:

You can't get more real than reality, that's why we've photoscanned it! Discover our new selection of scans featuring rocks from all over Norway with state-of-the-art in-house tools for maximum accuracy. As a bonus, we've also updated some of our earlier scanned rocks using new tools and techniques.

Image 05-08-18 at 01.14.jpg

Shooting Locations

One of the hardest parts about 3D scanning rock cliffs is finding the right cliff to scan. Our hunt for the best rock materials took us on a 10.000km trip through the beautiful country of Norway.

Shooting Locations

Rock cliffs are some of the hardest materials to Photoscan. First you need to find that amazing looking cliff with consistently sized features so it can be turned into a seamless material. Then it also needs to be accessible and with some reasonably level ground in front of it for our tripods.  When you've found this perfect cliff face, cross your fingers for 2 hours of uninterrupted overcast weather, because that is the only type of weather suitable for scanning outdoors.

It takes a lot of patience and luck, but when it all comes together the results are stunning:

  • Norwegian Cliffs:

The Norwegian mountains were formed around 400 million years ago, and as such features an extremely rich and varied geology, unprecedented in other parts of the globe. As part of our quest to produce the best scans in the market, that seemed like a no-brainer for us. Here's a selection of our newest work done so far, available right now in the library:

All cliffs are professionally delighted using our in-house technology, albedos are calibrated with X-Rite color checkers and special lighting equipment. Raw scan data is beyond terabytes in size. Each map is a work of art.

Rock Brushes:

And what if you're feeling like creating your own rocks? We got it covered! 
With our new selection of brushes extracted from actual cliffs, all your environments will transpire fidelity.

Up to 8k Alpha maps, extracted from the original raw scan files for extreme accuracy.

With true displacement maps, even a plane can rock.

With true displacement maps, even a plane can rock.

Website Improvements


  • High resolution gallery on download pages

We have added high resolution preview renders for our PBR Materials, click on the header image to open the full page gallery, and on the corner to download it. Similar previews are coming soon for the 3D Scanned materials category.



  • My Downloads page Update

The My Downloads page now has a search field, so you quickly search in the materials you have already downloaded and can redownload for free. Thanks to some optimization, this page should now also load much faster for users with hundreds or even thousands of downloads.


What material set would you like to see added to the site? Let us know in the comments!

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