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Medieval Release

Procedural + Scanned Materials

The winter is coming! - Army up your 3D Assets with our new Medieval Pack: Chain Mails, Leather Armours, up to Castle Gates and all kinds of floors!


Highlights of thIS Release

Materials for Character Artists:

In combination with a displacement modifier, any surface can become a realistic chain-mail. :)

In combination with a displacement modifier, any surface can become a realistic chain-mail. :)

Time to recover the old RPG projects you have buried somewhere in your Hard Drive. Making Chain-Mails, Leather Plates and Royal Fabric have got easier than ever with the new set of Tileable Armors.


Materials for Environment Artists:


Also included: Castle Gates, Cage and even Scanned Pavement Floors! Every material features true height information. Planes can become medieval gates, with just a displacement modifier.


  • Procedural Materials:

  • Chain & Scale Mail:

  • Leather Armour / Misc:

  • Castle Materials:

  • Royal Fabric:

  • Scanned Materials:

A batch of new Scanned Materials has been also added to the website recently. Nearly 200 scans were updated, most of them now feature a 4K preview render set and improved maps!


Check out a selection in the gallery down below:

And More!

We have revamped the way sub-categories are shown in the website!
A highly requested feature, meet the new tree-view:


Community Highlight:

Courtesy of Winter Visual Studio, comes this update’s selected community artwork showcasing the use of our PBR materials and scanned textures:

Have you created something you want to share with the community? Please post in the comments and we’ll make sure to consider it for the next update!

And finally, this update’s free sample is:


* Here’s a cool fact shared by the user Matthijs de Rijk about Historical Chain Mails:

(Red more about it here:  Wikipedia )

(Red more about it here: Wikipedia)

Historically, almost all chain mail (used as actual armour in battles, etc…) had the rings connected by rivets or other methods, as shown in this image. (and here!) Otherwise, the mail could be easily destroyed, causing major injuries to whoever wore it.

Really cool! (and also a bit ugly!), but next time you need a historically correct chain-mail, keep that in mind!

(Thanks Matthijs for the heads up and informative background!)

Would you like to see this kind of mail added to the website? Let us know in the comments!

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